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Success Keys

What Makes Our Industrial Software the Best?


The keystone of our success for our software development is our unique Preliminary Design Document. Each custom document explains in explicit detail the entire contracted process. The software design is a partnership-team approach to custom solutions focusing on your process requirements. Tasks focused revisions and refinements prior to programming or fabrication, assures the functionality of the system.

Verifiable Progress

It is a cost effective, "no frills" approach that guarantees every operational aspect exactly as the customer needs and expects. When the customer approves the final Preliminary Design Document, it becomes a blueprint, literally, for our assembly of a programming and construction team. Customer plant and project management teams receive positive proof, in a highly manageable format, that we have designed and will deliver the system as specified and have appropriate funds for.


We have had extensive exposure to PLC programming, installation and integration into existing plant processes. Our programming ability includes process control, human-machine interface (HMI), networking, data acquisition, variable speed drives and custom communications and configuration software.

Customer Satisfaction

Control Technologies, Inc. takes pride in the fact that we develop a good working relationship with each of our customers. We understand that at some pint in time any project will be turned over to the plant personnel for maintenance and upkeep. At this point, our customer must have the confidence that comes from working very closely with our team during the fabrication, installation and start-up process. From the customer approval of the documentation, to the operations manual, Control Technologies, Inc. will provide the customer with the tools that our people would need if the system were ours to maintain forever. To further ensure reliability, we follow each and every project up with a thirty, ninety and one hundred eight -day review. With the mechanism in place, we can track our progress and reliability with each customer.


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